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Jo­lan­da de Kleine

Jolanda de Kleine

Lighting Design


Jolanda de Kleine was born in Drachten, a working-class town in the province of Friesland (NL). She has found her calling and developed her talent in the field of light design during the 30 years she has worked for The Nederlands Dans Theatre (NDT), a contemporary dance company where she was fortunate enough to translate some of the most renowned choreographer’s artistic vision into a visual sensation for the audiences around the globe.

Having had the privilege to work with such important names in modern dance as Hans van Manen, Jiří Kylián, William Forsythe, Sol León & Paul Lightfoot and so forth, while still working at NDT, Jolanda’s talent has also been recognized and requested by choreographers not directly connected to NDT.

For “Stop Motion” by León & Lightfoot, for which the light plot was originally designed by Tom Bevoort, Sol León and Paul Lightfoot specifically intrusted the realization of the light design to Jolanda de Kleine based on their many years of artistic evolution, cooperation and subsequent trust.

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