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Lukas Marian

Lukas Marian

Lighting Design


Lukas Marian was born in Bern (CH) in 1995 and grew up in an artistic family. Fascinated by the dance productions at Theater Basel under the direction of Richard Wherlock, Marian made friends with the Basler Balletensemble during his studies as an eventtechnician and began to supervise his own dance projects with lighting and sound technology. Marian worked on lightdesigns for pieces by young choreographers such as Frank Fannar Pedersen or Jorge Garcia Pérez, which could be seen on various Swiss stages, not least at Theater Basel. Since the end of 2018 Marian has been a permanent member of the production team of American choreographer Bryan Arias and Spanish choreographer Alba Carbonell Castillo. Together with Bryan Arias he realized the premiere of "Your first Memory" at the Landestheater Eisenach in April 2019. His lighting methods are characterized by aesthetic refinements, the special use of darkness as a lighting medium, and the dynamic interplay between movement and light.

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