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1. Ex­kur­si­ons­kon­zert

Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 94, “Surprise Symphony”

Dirigent und Moderator: Roland Böer

Friday, 26/01/2024

08.00 PM - 09.30 PM



RolandBoeer 1 Exk

All great works of music have two things in common: they are figments of brilliant musical minds and also the product of their day, their society, their fashion. Our Excursion Concerts look at the relations between notes, the interaction of instruments, the way the great composers built on what had gone before, and how they refined or developed it. General Music Director Roland Böer embarks with listeners and the Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg on an exciting and entertaining trip to the innards of selected masterpieces. The concerts are guaranteed to tweak the curiosity of newbies and even expand the knowledge of seasoned concertgoers. After Roland Böer has delivered his “guided tour”, the Staatsphilharmonie performs the relevant piece in its entirety. He who knows more, hears more!

Photo © David Klumpp

Dates and cast

Cast on 26/01/2024

Dirigent und Moderator


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