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Myth P.​A.​N.

Hybrid theatre project by minus.eins based on motifs by Guillermo del Toro and others.

Tuesday, 17/10/2023

08.00 PM - 09.10 PM


07.30 PM Introduction (in German)

XRT 3. Etage

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Stories have power. They can give courage and support. They can mobilise and manipulate. You can escape into them and get lost in them. Stories can change the world, because it is full of them. We tell them to each other every day. The haze of stories lies like a veil over reality. Even and especially in the digital space. But what happens when the veil is lifted and there is nothing behind it? In a continuation of the online theatre series "P.A.N.s Lab", minus.eins are now devoting themselves to the story of a man on the 3rd floor who explored the power of fictions and around whom a multitude of myths have grown up: Paul Anton Neurath was a theatre maker, game designer and digital pioneer. For some, he was a genius, for others simply insane. He spent the last years of his life locked in the cellar of his Nuremberg birthplace, working on a computer game. This game, it seems, developed a life of its own. And Neurath disappeared without a trace...

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von DATEV


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Dates and cast

Cast on 17/10/2023

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„(...) eine Produktion, die zum Nachdenken anregt und aufruft, die Themen rund um digitale Möglichkeiten genauer zu betrachten und kritisch zu hinterfragen. (…) Ein Schritt auf (noch) unbekanntes Terrain, den das Staatstheater mutig geht – das ist mehr als nur einen Applaus wert.“

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